Top 6 Paint Colors for Your Home Office

With many people moving to at home and remote work, offices have become a necessity. But making your office space work with you is extremely important, and the right color can make all the difference. Some colors are known to improve focus, help people stay on task, and promote a calming environment. Here we have compiled a list of some of the best colors to paint your new office.


Gray beige

Comfortable colors like rich beige grays can help with focus and keep your mind from wandering too much. This color has been proven to calm the mind and increase mental focus on the task at hand. This shade also goes with practically everything making decorating easier.



Yellow can be an excellent way to bring life into a drab home. The bright and stimulating colors will infuse energy and positivity into the room and make it more creatively engaging. Soft yellows can boost productivity without feeling overwhelming. Yellows pair well with white or black accents that will make the shades pop.



For people with creative careers, bold and fun shades like coral or peach can be a perfect fit. These vibrant colors can help keep you motivated and productive throughout the day. These colors fit well with white accents but can also be paired with gold and natural wood pieces as well.



A cool-toned office can be great at providing a unique office space that keeps you engaged. But if you don’t want to choose between a calming blue and an energizing green, you can do a teal shade for the best of both worlds. Teal is known to create a calming atmosphere that can increase productivity and mindfulness. It is a relaxing color that also stimulates and inspires people. Teal pairs well with whites, light blues, and light greens.


Warm white

For a more minimalist vibe, you can go for a warm soft white. Rather than the modern, empty feeling of a stark white, warm whites breathe life into a space. Creamy-off whites can promote a sense of calm that can make a smaller office feel larger. These colors can help to minimize distraction and create a clean inviting feeling.



One great option for an office can be to make your whole wall a dry erase board. You can even still paint your wall whatever color you want and then apply a clear coat of dry erase paint. This can be a perfect option if you share your office with your children or for long-term notes.